What is Towards Zero

At the heart of Towards Zero is the belief that human health is more important than anything else. It acknowledges that, as people, we all make mistakes. However, when mistakes happen on our roads they can cost us our lives or cause serious injury. Our bodies are strong up to a point, but if we're hit at high speeds there's only so much force we can withstand before we break. And that's why we need to build a safer roads system for everyone.

Learn more about how the safer road system will get us Towards Zero in the eLearning Module.

Infographic breaking down the Towards Zero philosophyIn this graph, we see the chance of a fatal outcome (y-axis) as the Impact speed km/h increases (x-axis). Our bodies have a limited tolerance to physical impacts and the likelihood of being killed or seriously injured increases dramatically at as low as 30km/h.

Meet Graham: The only person designed to survive on our roads.

The move Towards Zero is a collaborative effort between everyone in the community. Together, we can build a safer road system that will change road safety for good.

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