Safe Trucks

Truck driving past speed sign

The number of heavy vehicles on Victoria's roads is growing rapidly. Heavy vehicles pose a greater risk to other road users because they:

  • Are heavier than cars or bikes, and this weight creates greater impact force if they crash.
  • They take longer to stop.

Tips for heavy vehicle drivers:

  • In recent years, more than 50% of truck drivers killed on the roads weren’t wearing a seatbelt. About a third of crashes involved fatigue.
  • Take up new vehicle safety technologies whenever possible such as advanced braking, lane departure warning, electronic stability control, under-run protection and seatbelt reminders.

Tips for cars drivers:

  • Remember, if you can’t see the truck driver’s face in their rear vision mirror, they can’t see you.
  • Respect truck lanes and use them only if you’re driving a truck.
  • Give plenty of space to heavy vehicles when turning if they are signed “Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle”. They need more than one lane to turn.

Sharing the roads:

  • While we all share the roads, cars and trucks are given priority on key routes.
  • Public transport, pedestrians and cyclists having priority on local roads.
  • This way, the interaction between trucks and the most vulnerable groups is reduced as much as possible.

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