Safe Motorcycles

Motorcycles on road

Travelling by motorcycle or scooter can be enjoyable however it's important to research ways to protect yourself as a rider (and any pillions) before you ride. Information about protecting your body, riding safely and your responsibilities when carrying pillion passengers can be found on the VicRoads Motorcycle Safety and Spokes websites.

Important Motorbike Safety Features

  • Safety Technology:
    • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) has the potential to significantly reduce serious motorcycle crashes, particularly at intersections. During an emergency braking situation the wheels can lock up, causing the
      motorcycle to skid or slide out from under you.
    • A bike with ABS has electronic sensors to detect lock-up before it occurs, applying just the right amount of pressure to maximise braking performance. ABS offers significant safety benefits to riders and can reduce braking distance and increase stability.
  • Riding Safely:
    • Whether you’re just starting out, getting back into riding or thinking of buying a new motorcycle, visit Spokes for free riding resources. You can also find out about the graduated licensing system introduced to help protect new riders.
  • Protective Clothing:
    • Wearing the right clothing while riding is critical, with a recent study showing that motorcyclists were 21% less likely to be admitted to hospital if they crashed while wearing motorcycle jackets.
    • The risk reduced even further when wearing motorcycle pants or gloves.