Why safe roads matter

Road infrastructure plays a vital role in helping reduce crashes and minimising the severity of injuries if there is an accident. Victoria is in the midst of a $1 billion program to transform the highest risk roads into some of the state's safest roads.

The Safer System Roads Infrastructure Program (SSRIP) is a partnership between the TAC and VicRoads to deliver safer roads infrastructure throughout Victoria. The TAC has committed $1 billion to the program over 10 years, with VicRoads responsible for managing the projects.

The $1 billion investment includes:

  • 41% of the investment on new Safe System treatments, like continuous wire-rope barrier and innovative intersection design
  • 37% for conventional treatments at known high-risk crash locations (e.g. partial barrier, fully controlled right turn arrow)
  • 10% to develop safe cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

Find out more about how we're making rural roads safer as part of the Towards Zero Action Plan

Evaluations of SSRIP so far show:

  • an average 30% reduction of casualty crashes
  • a 35% reduction of intersection crashes
  • 26% reduction in run off road crashes.

Vehicles leaving the road

Head-on collisions

Side-impacts at intersections