Why safe people matter

Road safety is a shared responsibility. Everyone can play an important role in helping reduce road trauma and death shouldn't be seen as an inevitable consequence of making a mistake on our roads.

Everyone can contribute to road safety by:

  • Driving at safe and legal speeds appropriate for conditions.
  • Separating drinking from driving, and driving only when well rested..
  • Staying alert and avoiding impairment from drugs (illicit drugs and also the prescribed medications that make us drowsy).
  • Keeping your eyes on the road ahead and the surrounds.
  • Putting your hand-held phone away when driving.
  • Belting up and ensuring everyone in the car is wearing a seat belt.
  • Being good role models to our children, L-Platers and P-Platers.

Learn the basics of the Towards Zero approach in the eLearning Module.