Motorbike riders on roadMotorbike riders and passengers represent 15% of deaths and serious injuries despite only accounting for 4% of registered vehicles. And with the ever-increasing popularity of motorcycles and scooters, we need to ensure riders are kept safe on the road.

Riders who wear protective clothing are much less likely to be seriously injured in a crash. In addition, research into motorcycle ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) has found that fatal motorcycle crashes per 10,000 registered vehicles were 37% lower for ABS models than non-ABS models.

How we’re making roads safer for motorcyclists

As part of the Towards Zero strategy, we're working with riders to demand technologies like motorcycle ABS; bringing in new mandatory training and testing for first-time motorcyclists under the Graduated Licensing System; and we’re making barriers more motorbike-friendly by installing padding or rub rail protection from posts. We’re also promoting the use of protective clothing and footwear for when crashes do happen.

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If you're a motorcycle rider, you can increase your safety on the road by:

  • Wearing a full range of protective clothing every time you ride
  • Making yourself visible by wearing light-coloured clothing or reflective gear
  • Purchasing a motorcycle with ABS
  • Riding within the speed limit
  • Checking out the online hazard perception training tool at Ride Smart Online.

You can avoid a crash with a motorcyclist by being aware of them on the road, look and look again for motorcyclists at intersections and always do a head check before changing lanes.

Find out more about how we can keep motorcyclists safer on our roads.