Car drivers

Highway drivingSafe driving encompasses many different things including the safety rating of your vehicle, your experience and behaviour and the driving conditions, including the weather and the types of roads you drive on.

How we’re making roads and cars safer for drivers

To help drivers be safer we’re supporting people to buy affordable safer cars. We’re also researching and trialling new vehicle technologies, including safety features and technology that detects fatigue and alcohol. Young drivers will be assisted with education and opportunities to build their experience, while rural roads and busy urban intersections are being upgraded.

Find out more about how we’re making roads safer for those most vulnerable in crashes.

To be a safe driver you can:

  • Abide by road rules and safety legislation, such as driving at a safe and legal speed and not driving under the effects of drugs or alcohol
  • Avoid driving while drowsy and minimise distractions. Even talking using a hands-free mobile can be distracting while driving
  • Buy the safest vehicle you can afford
  • Help promote the Towards Zero message by being a role model to your family and community.

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