Cyclists on roadCycling is an increasingly popular form of transport and recreation with more than 1.08 million people now riding a bike each week in Victoria.

People who ride bikes are more vulnerable to crashes which commonly occur at intersections, when leaving a path or driveway, or when a car door is opened into a rider's path.

How we’re making roads safer for cyclists

We’re spending $100 million building safer infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, such as separate paths and lanes. We’ll be improving routes to train stations and the CBD, creating new routes in regional areas, filling the ‘missing links’ in the existing bicycle network, and putting more markings and signs up. We’ll encourage cyclists to use local, low-speed streets and safe cycling routes; but also spread the word about cars travelling above 30km/h having the potential to kill cyclists and pedestrians. Communities and schools will get new safe cycling resources to reduce the risks that come with riding.

Find out more about how we’re making roads safer for those most vulnerable in crashes.

How to improve your safety as a cyclist

  • Follow the law by always wearing a bicycle helmet, reducing your risk of head injuries in a crash by up to 60%. Wearing closed footwear will protect your feet. Make yourself visible by wearing reflective or light-coloured clothing, especially at night
  • Wear protective clothing such as closed footwear
  • Ensure you have both front and back lights on while riding at night
  • Use bike lanes and paths wherever possible
  • Stay alert and avoid distractions
  • Obey the same rules as other vehicles
  • Supervise young children using wheeled toys and bikes, and always ensure they wear a properly fitted helmet
  • Encourage friends and family to use Rider Reminders

(Peta Mullens - road and mountain bike national champion)

You can avoid a crash with a cyclist by driving within the speed limit, taking your time to check for riders especially at intersections (use this tactile strip in your door handle as a reminder) and by leaving sufficient distance between you or your vehicle and the bike rider when passing, even if it means slowing down until it’s safe to pass. Rider or driver, we all have a part to play in making our roads a safer place.

Give the Space to Ride Safe campaign