Safety cameras on a highway bridgeSome people believe that speeding – especially at low levels – is okay. But even driving a little faster than the speed limit is dangerous for you and other road users. Speeding (both excessive and inappropriate) contributes to around 70 road deaths and many more serious injuries every year.

Safe speeds are a vital part of saving lives – you can play your part by staying within the speed limit and driving to the conditions. We need to remember that the speed limit is the maximum travel speed, not merely a guide. For every 5km over the limit that we travel in a 60km/h zone, we double our risk of crashing.

Road safety cameras have been proven to reduce the number of intersection crashes causing injury by up to 47%. In-vehicle technology such as Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), which detects the speed limit and alerts the driver if they're going too fast, could reduce injury crashes by 36% and fatal crashes by 59% if active speed limiting ISA were fitted to all cars in Australia.

What we're doing about speeding

As part of the Towards Zero Action Plan, we’re working with local communities to discuss road safety issues and ways to make their busy areas safer. More broadly we’re helping people understand how vulnerable the human body is to impact forces generated by vehicles travelling at speed.

When new speed limits have been introduced on major routes, drivers and riders who exceed the new limits will be given information about why the changes were made and about the importance of safer speeds. We’ll encourage drivers to use speed alert technology as well, and continue with safety cameras to deter speeding. To ensure safer speeds, particularly around cyclists and pedestrians, we’ll install infrastructure to slow traffic down, like roundabouts, gateways at shopping centres and raised platforms.

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