Trip to Sweden competition

Stockholm at night

Why a trip to Sweden?

The Towards Zero vision originated in Sweden and, as a result, the Swedish road network is now one of the safest in the world.

Sweden is the world leader when it comes to road safety.  The originators of the Vision Zero idea (known as Towards Zero in Victoria) in 1997, their goal is to eliminate road deaths and serious injuries to zero.

They're well on their way to achieving this. Currently, fewer than three people per 100,000 are killed on Swedish roads, compared to Victoria where between four and five people per 100,000 a year die on our roads.

Read more about our road statistics here.

They are continually innovating with road safety strategies and new projects, and we can learn a lot from what they've already done.

Seeing how far Sweden has come is a clear real-world demonstration of where we can take road safety in Victoria.


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Inspired by their innovation in this area, we ran a competition in 2015 giving away a trip to Sweden.

Entrants were required to answer the following question: "What safety infrastructure prevents cars from running off the road or into oncoming traffic?"

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