Towards Zero

There's no one someone won't miss

At the heart of Towards Zero is the belief that human health is more important than anything else. It acknowledges that, as people, we all make mistakes. However, when mistakes happen on our roads they can result in death or serious injury. Our bodies are strong up to a point, but if we're hit at high speeds there's only so much force we can withstand before we break. It's also a question of ethics: zero can be the only acceptable number of people to die or be seriously injured on our roads. In other words, reducing road trauma is about people, not numbers.

That's why we need to build a safer roads system for everyone.

This advertisement is the first step in sharing out Towards Zero vision with the community. Find out more about the vision in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Behind-the-scenes of Towards Zero

Francisco is not an actor; he didn't know his friends and family were waiting around the corner during filming. The week before he was interviewed on the street in a vox pop situation (similar to this) where he was asked the same question - "Last year, 252* people died on our roads. What do you think would be a more acceptable number?" He was contacted to reenact his answer for what he thought was an in-house training video.

*Please be advised the Road Fatality Review Panel revised down the number of lives lost on our roads in 2015 by five to 252.

Shot in a single take, Francisco's genuine and arresting reaction to 70 members of his family and friends walking towards him was possible because of his wife Charlene. Charlene secretly organised for their loved ones to take part in the filming, and revealing that secret was an emotional experience for her too. (And yes, there were a few extra people out the back in case the number Francisco said a greater number.)

Using real people was integral to helping people understand that what we should be aiming for, and the only acceptable answer to the question in the ad, is zero. As Francisco's father says, "When we think about a statistic, sometimes it doesn't mean anything. But when you talk about family and people that you love and care for, it makes a big impact."

Find out how we're going to get there in phase two of the Towards Zero campaign.