Torquay cyclist Ross Herbert keeps love of cycling in the family

Ross’s active lifestyle quickly extended to his family when his kids were born.

I’ve lived in Torquay for 35 years and I’ve been teaching at Torquay College for nine. We live close to the school so we’ve always ridden to school with the kids.

The family has pedalled the daily journey to class since the kids were in Prep.

It keeps Molly and Rex fit and healthy, and it may even inspire others. They love riding - rain, hail or shine. Motivation has never been an issue.

The whole family gets out on their bikes together most weekends.

Torquay has an abundance of areas to ride. We like nothing better than cruising past Fishos, around Point Danger and doing a quick surf check.

Cycling has a positive impact and health benefits for Ross’s whole family.

Molly and Rex are fitter and healthier as a result of riding. It’s great for their confidence, giving them real-life traffic awareness.

Ross believes kids are encouraged by Victorian schools to ride to school.

At Torquay College, we have our annual Ride to School Day. It may be difficult for the families who live a long way from the school.

Riding safely on the roads helps him equip his kids with road safety skills.

We ride in single file, always wear our helmets and obey all traffic rules. For us, it’s about education, building knowledge and experience.

Ross believes drivers and cyclists can look after each other by showing respect.

No one owns the roads. People need to be aware that we share the roads and not go out of their way to antagonise others. We can work together to reach our goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on the roads by showing respect, slowing down and paying attention. Don’t drink and drive under the influence, and be alert and patient.