Melbourne Victory ask us to "stand together" Towards Zero

Still from TV ad featuring Melbourne Victory captain Carl Valeri Melbourne Victory players are asking us all to "stand together" as they encourage their fans and the footballing community to support the Towards Zero vision in a new ad.

Sports fans feel unity in their passion for a team like Melbourne Victory; the epic victories and crushing defeats of the team are felt by their supporters in the stands just as keenly as the players on the field. Now Melbourne Victory players are appealing to their fans' passion, calling on them to "stand together" and spread the Towards Zero message of shared responsibility on our roads.  

In the ad, fans and players are delivering the lyrics to 'Stand By Me' – Victory's unofficial anthem among fans – in spoken word, giving it a poignant new meaning. Melbourne Victory supporters often break out into the song at games.

The fans and players are shown as all different types of road users around AAMI Stadium – captain Carl Valeri and forward Leigh Broxham are walking a pedestrian crossing, a learner driver is parked at the stadium and motorcyclists stand with their bikes. At the end, they are standing together.

Just like on the field, we can't rely on one player to win the game – it is a team effort. Zero people being killed or seriously injured on our roads is a shared responsibility and one we need to commit to together. Our actions have an impact on each other and we can be a part of the solution.

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The ad was first seen by fans at the November xx match between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United at AAMI Stadium, and will be shown at games throughout the season and on SBS.

Melbourne Victory's support of the Towards Zero vision is a testament to the successful 11-year partnership between the TAC and Melbourne Victory.

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