Getting safer vehicles on our roads

A woman checking her side mirror while drivingResearch shows that getting everyone into safer vehicles will save many more lives on our roads. That’s why we’re committed to introducing safer vehicles onto Victorian roads, investing in research and working with manufacturers on emerging vehicle technology, such as alcohol detection features and smart cars.

Safer vehicles would reduce serious trauma by a third

Vehicles and vehicle technologies keep us safer on the road by helping us avoid crashes and by protecting us if a crash does happen. If every car, truck and motorbike was upgraded to the safest in its class, serious trauma would be reduced by a third.

Peter Thomson was seriously injured 20 years ago when he stopped to help at a car crash and another car crashed into him. If Auto Emergency Braking (AEB) had been available back then, most, if not all of his injuries could have been avoided.

Find out more about vehicle safety features on How Safe Is Your Car?

How we’re getting safer vehicles on our streets

  • From 2018 new Government vehicles must have a five star ANCAP rating and existing vehicles must be fitted with the best safety features
  • The TAC and VicRoads will encourage and support parents, young people and private businesses to buy safe vehicles within their price range
  • We will trial automated and connected vehicle technology in Victoria

We’re making safer vehicles more affordable

Not everyone can afford a new car with a five-star safety rating. But we can make safer vehicles more affordable by getting more of them into the second-hand market. By requiring Government organisations to buy the safest cars available, hundreds of these cars will filter into the market for people to buy when fleets are turned over. We will encourage businesses to do the same with their company fleets.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a four- or five-star rated vehicle. On the TAC site for first-time car owners, How Safe Is Your First Car?, you can find the safest car under $5000, $10,000 or $20,000.

Read more about how we're getting safer vehicles on our roads in the Towards Zero Action Plan