New drink and drug driving laws

From 30 April 2018, the laws are changing for alcohol and/or drug related driving offences.

New drink penalties

Get caught driving at .05 or more and you’ll:

  • Need to pay a fine
  • Lose your licence
  • Need to complete a drink driver behaviour change program, and
  • Need to get an alcohol interlock installed in any vehicle you drive (once re-licensed) for at least six months

This also applies to commercial drivers who commit their first drink driving offence with a BAC under .05.

These changes to penalties are supported by research demonstrating that:

  • Licence disqualification can cut repeated drink driving incidents by 70 per cent
  • Using alcohol interlock devices can reduce repeated drink driving by 63 per cent

The way to avoid drink driving is simple. If you're going to drink, plan not to drive.

Remember to plan ahead. There are other options to getting home:

  • Organise a designated driver
  • Book a taxi or ride share
  • Check out public transport options

New drug driving penalties

Get caught with illicit drugs in your system and you’ll lose your licence for a minimum of six months (instead of three) and will also need to complete a drug driver program before getting your licence back.

For more information please visit the VicRoads website.