Responsible young drivers rewarded with a free licence

A young driver behind the wheel of a car.As part of the Young Driver Safety Package, Victoria's most responsible young drivers are being rewarded with a free licence.

Young drivers who complete both their red and green probationary periods before the age of 25, with no traffic offences or demerit points will be rewarded for their safe driving practices with a free three-year full licence – usually costing $76.

Road crashes are one of the leading causes of death for young people aged 18 – 25; despite only making up 14% of all licensed drivers, they account for 21% of lives lost on Victorian roads. Abiding by our road rules is the most important way drivers can contribute to the Towards Zero goals. Rewarding responsible drivers is one way we can empower this group in the community to be safer on our roads.

Around 20,000 young people whose licence expires on or after February 1st, when the Free Licence Scheme officially kicks off, are eligible and are being notified via mail.

The $7 million Free Licence Scheme is one part of the $146 million Young Driver Safety Package which aims to improve the safety of this vulnerable road user group.

Other elements of the package aim to give support, education and experience via a road safety education complex, practical safe driving program, L2P – learner driver mentor program, community grants, a communication fund and student forums.

Find out more about the Free Licence Scheme on the VicRoads website.