Apply for a Community Road Safety Grant and play a part in Towards Zero

A child wearing a bike helmet standing on a pathway in Colac.An embedded element of Towards Zero is that safety is a shared responsibility. The goal of zero deaths and serious injuries can only be achieved with the joint efforts of not only government agencies like the TAC, Victoria Police and VicRoads, but from every person within the wider community. Our actions impact on each other, positively and negatively, and it is up to each person to take responsibility for their impact.

Every day on the Towards Zero site, people send in great ideas about what we can do to make our roads safer or share their concerns about particular areas. For some of these suggestions we encourage people to apply for a Community Road Safety Grant, either with VicRoads or the TAC, to give them the tools to help make their suggested solutions a reality.

Grants are intended to help people create and implement initiatives targeting specific road safety issues in their local area.

Before applying, it's recommended you follow the steps below to identify issues properly. You can find out more about each step here. TAC encourages people to back up their applications with research and safety principles.

Step 1: Talk to people to identify key road safety issues in your community

Step 2: Collect and analyse relevant information to support your application

Step 3: Work with your community to decide which issue to address


TAC offers grants of up to $25,000 under the program to encourage local road safety initiatives aligned with Victoria's Road Safety Strategy. All projects have selection criteria and some have special guidelines, such as the installation of breathalysers, strategy projects and Variable Messaging Signs (VMS – the electronic signs you see on the sides of highways). The closing date for 2016 projects is 15 April 2016. The decision on which applications will receive funding will be completed within eight weeks after this date.

Head here for more information on dates and application forms for the TAC grants.

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VicRoads also offers Community Road Safety Grants, they include:

  • A standard Community Road Safety Grant: Offering funding for existing community programs including presentations, events and education initiatives targeting road safety issues such as cyclist safety and safer vehicles.

These Community Road Safety Grants close on 31 March for 2016. Applicants will find out whether they're successful or not by June, with funds then distributed from 1 July 2016. VicRoads Community Road Safety Advisors have received SmartyGrants training and are happy to help.

Help Guide VicRoads FAQs

Find out more about previous recipients of VicRoads' Community Road Safety Grants.

As well as grants there are a number of ways we can contribute to the Zero goal. Find out more about why safe people matter in Towards Zero.