A little over? A lot to lose

In October 2014, alcohol interlock laws got tougher on drink drivers. Now a wider net of drivers have much more to lose if they're found over the limit with an increased number of installations of interlock devices for those found breaking the law. 

Interlock devices help separate drinking from driving. Anyone whose licence has been cancelled for drink-driving or riding must blow into the breath-testing device before they can start their car. The interlocks are capable of taking photos to identify who has breathed into the device and also initiate random tests while driving. 

As the A Little Over? A Lot to Lose campaign shows, the interlock can be a pain to live with for those convicted of drink-driving once they've had their license returned to them. It's also expensive - drink-drivers are required to cover the costs of the installation for the standard six month period which includes a $175 installation fee, a monthly $150 service and $100 de-installation fee. In total it's estimated to cost around $1605.

Drink-drivers cause up to 30 per cent of deaths and 11 per cent of serious injuries on our roads, many by repeat offenders. So far the Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program has stopped alcohol-affected drivers from getting onto our roads more than 250,000 times. 

For more on the alcohol interlock laws, head to the TAC website. For more on how the device works watch this video by VicRoads.