To achieve the Towards Zero vision of a future free of deaths and serious injuries on our roads, we all need to work together to keep improving the safety of our road network. You can keep track of the latest initiatives, community consultations and general information about Towards Zero here.

More drug tests, more places, more often

More drug test, more places, more often

More drug tests, more places, more often. Drug driving is a serious road safety issue. In the last five years approximately 41% of all drivers and motorcyclists killed who were tested, had drugs in their system, with can...

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A fifteen minute powernap could save your life

You can't fight sleep

Drowsy driving is dangerous and potentially deadly. If you're already behind the wheel when you start to feel drowsy, the best rem...

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Men cycling in city

Cycling In Victoria

In an effort to reduce cyclist road trauma, we have partnered with upcoming cycling events across Victoria to promote the road saf...

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Faces of Zero

Discover the faces of Towards Zero and how we are working towards zero deaths and road safety on Victoria roads today. Learn more ...

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The Partys over

The Party's over

The Party’s Over this holiday season The festive season is a busy time on our roads and this is why we're asking everyone to play...

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