About Victorian Road Safety

Victoria is a world-leader in road safety. The mandatory wearing of seatbelts, random breath testing, compulsory bicycle helmets and roadside drug driving tests all started here. And as a result of our pioneering approach, the annual road fatality has dropped from 1061 deaths in 1970 to 258 in 2017. It's heading in the right direction, but we're not there yet.

The challenge to make our road network safer evolves rapidly in the face of an increasing and ageing population, as well as the uptake of new technologies. But it all starts with and centres around one singular idea: no one deserves to die on our roads.

The goal is ambitious, but worthwhile. We need to work towards reaching zero.

*Please be advised the Road Fatality Review Panel revised down the number of lives lost on our roads in 2015 by five to 252 from 257.