Think of us before you drive.

Victoria Police are focused on driver behaviour every day of the year. Work with us as we continue working Towards Zero.

Please stay safe on the roads by:

  • Slowing down and driving at a speed appropriate for the conditions. If you're travelling on unfamiliar roads while travelling, it's important to take your time.
  • As little as one alcoholic drink may impair your judgement so plan your way home before you have a drink.
  • Be present when you are driving. A phone message, a call or a song can be all it takes to pull our attention away from driving.

Think of us before you drive


  • Where can we expect to see Victoria Police?

    Victoria Police will be enforcing against illegal behaviours on the roads across metro and regional Victoria.

  • How will Victoria Police enforce illegal behaviours such as drink driving, distractions and speed?

    Victoria Police will enforce drink driving, speeding and distractions from unmarked police cars, marked police cars, drug and booze busses as well as police motorcycles and roadside intercepts.

  • What are the penalties for drink driving?

    Drivers face significant penalties if they are caught affected by alcohol or over the legal limit. The penalties include loss of licence and mandatory alcohol interlocks. View them here.

  • What are the penalties for speeding?

    Drivers face harsh penalties if they are caught speeding. These penalties include significant fines, demerit points and even loss of licence. View them here.

  • What are the penalties for being caught using your phone whilst driving?

    The penalty for using your mobile phone while driving is 4 demerit points and a $484 fine. Find more here.

  • What is legal use of phones in cars?

    In Victoria, using a handheld mobile phone while driving is prohibited – no matter your age or how long you have been driving for.

    Probationary drivers cannot use a mobile phone at all, not even on Bluetooth.

    If you have a full driver’s licence you may make or receive a phone call or use its audio/music functions provided the phone is secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle, or can be operated by the driver without touching any part of the phone, and the phone is not resting on any part of the driver's body.

  • What tips can I use to reduce distraction as a driver?

    To make sure you’re not putting yourself or others at risk on the roads, put your phone away where you can’t be tempted to use it, for example in the glove box or in the boot.

    Apple has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ function which you can turn on before you drive, and it will automatically send a text saying that you’re driving if someone tries to call or text you. To activate this feature follow these steps:

    1. Ensure your phone has the most up to date Apple ios
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Go to Do Not Disturb
    4. Under Do Not Disturb While Driving make sure it is set to automatically.

    If your phone does not have this feature you can still turn on Do Not Disturb which will stop phone call and message notifications while it is activated.

  • Why do safe speeds matter?

    Safe Speeds involves reconsidering speed limits to reflect the road quality and its surroundings.

    In a crash, the vehicle's speed at the moment of impact and the weight of the vehicle determine how much force hits the human bodies involved.

    The human body can only withstand certain amounts of force. If a car travelling at 30km/hr hits a pedestrian, the impact forces can be enough to kill that person.

    The Safe Speed component of Towards Zero is concerned with setting appropriate speed limits and travelling at safe speeds that are right for the conditions. If speed limits are set appropriately and drivers travel within those limits, the effectiveness of initiatives implemented in the road or vehicle space are enhanced and help reduce road trauma.

  • Am I ok to drive after a couple of drinks?

    Alcohol can affect us in different ways from one day to the next – this means there’s never a ‘safe’ amount to drink when you’re planning to drive.

    The way to avoid drink driving is simple. If you’re going to drink, plan not to drive and plan your transport options in advance. If people avoid driving after drinking, the number of road fatalities could be reduced by up to 20%.

Think of us before you drive - Behind the scenes