There's no one someone won't miss.

Towards Zero is a plan to eliminate serious injuries and lives lost on Victoria's roads.

It acknowledges that, as people, we all make mistakes but they don't have to cost us our life or our health. Human bodies are fragile, there's only so much physical force we can withstand.  This is why we need to do all we can to keep ourselves, and others, safe on our roads.

Towards Zero needs to be a collaborative effort by everyone in the community to help change road safety for the better. The safe system includes:

No one deserves to die or be seriously injured on our roads.

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Living Proof

Everyone has a role to play in keeping safe on Victorian roads.  There are people all around us who have survived crashes thanks to life-saving road safety initiatives.  Here are just a handful of everyday people telling their stories, we call them our living proof. They help show us how we can achieve a future where no person dies or is seriously hurt on our roads.

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Behind the scenes

Francisco is not an actor; he didn't know his friends and family were waiting around the corner during filming. The week before he was interviewed on the street in a vox pop situation where he was asked the same question - "Last year, 252* people died on our roads. What do you think would be a more acceptable number?" He was contacted to reenact his answer for what he thought was an in-house training video.

Shot in a single take, Francisco's genuine and arresting reaction to 70 members of his family and friends walking towards him was possible because of his wife Charlene. Charlene secretly organised for their loved ones to take part in the filming, and revealing that secret was an emotional experience for her too. (And yes, there were a few extra people out the back in case the number Francisco said a greater number.)