The Party’s Over
 for unsafe drivers this holiday season

The festive season is a busy time on our roads and this is why we're asking everyone to play their part, take care and look out for others.

Plan how you are getting home from any parties or get togethers, don’t be distracted by your phone, keep your drinking separate from your driving and don’t drive when you are tired.

TAC CEO Joe Calafiore and Victorian Police Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer have shared their personal messages below.

Lives lost and injury on our roads -
 the statistics

Too many lives have been lost on our roads this year – no one deserves to die or be seriously injured and this is why we have our Towards Zero vision, so everyone can be where they belong this festive season, with their loved ones.

Personal Messages

Message from TAC CEO

As the festive season kicks off and our social calendars begin to fill up, it’s timely to remind everyone to take extra care on the roads.

Many of us will travel long distances in the coming weeks for Christmas get-togethers and we know the roads become increasingly busy during this time of year.

It’s critical that everyone plans their journeys, makes good decisions and looks out for each other on the roads to ensure we’re all present for our loved ones this Christmas.

In the excitement of festivities it can be difficult to keep track of how many alcoholic drinks we have consumed and we know consuming as little as one drink impairs your judgement.

If you’re planning on drinking any alcohol our advice is to plan a way home that doesn’t involve driving.

Some of us will travel on unfamiliar roads this summer so it’s important we all slow down, take regular breaks and drive to the weather and road conditions.

Let’s all work together to keep each other safe so we can all enjoy Christmas with our families and friends.

Joe Calafiore


Message from Assistant Commissioner Victoria Police

Every 36 hours in Victoria a community comes together to mourn a life needlessly lost on our roads. These people are more than numbers: they are our ‘lives lost’: our relatives, loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Another 20 people are seriously injured on our roads for every life lost: that’s one person’s life and the lives of their family forever altered, every two hours. I would ask that you pause and think about these figures for one moment, and fathom their enormity: sadly they’re almost too frightening to believe.

Unless you have experienced the grief of losing a loved one so suddenly to road trauma, I don’t think we can truly imagine what living each day would be like after the dreaded knock at the door by our police.

With such a busy time coming up on our roads, distractions can arise.

A moment’s mistake, fatigue or travelling at inappropriate speeds is claiming and changing lives in Victoria on a daily basis.

It is difficult for police to enforce against the many mistakes made daily on our roads which is why we need everyone who uses the roads to play their part.

Plan your journey, share the driving, wear your seatbelt, put your mobile phone in the glove box and always drive within the speed limit. Most importantly drive to your limits and drive to the conditions.

It will be these small actions taken on a grand scale that will help us realise our long-term goal of reducing numbers of lives lost on our roads towards zeros.

Please stay safe on the roads this holiday season.

Doug Fryer Assistant Commissioner, Road Policing Command Victoria Police


As drivers and riders we can’t control everything on our roads these holidays, and we can’t stop the unexpected, but we can control the speeds we travel at. Rethink speed and together we can work Towards Zero deaths and serious injuries on Victorian roads.

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