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Make every drive a good example

Children learn more from your behaviour than you may realise. How you drive can have a huge influence on your children, from an early age, and the type of driver they will be in the future.

Research shows that children begin absorbing their parents' driving behaviour from a very early age. This means children begin learning how to drive long before they get their learner's permit. Positive role modelling by parents can have a huge influence on how children drive in the future and instilling safe practices and attitudes from a young age is a key factor in achieving our long-term goal of no serious injuries or lives lost on our roads. 

We recently asked a group of young children to draw a picture of a time an adult was driving and how this made them feel. The results give every parent or carer food for thought about how their driving is seen by their young passengers and a reminder to make every drive a good example.

Children are the drivers of the future

Our aim is to encourage parents to be a positive driving role model so the next generation of drivers is safe on our roads and the number of young driver lives lost is zero. 

In their first year of driving, young people in Victoria are almost four times more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious injury crash than more experienced drivers.

This means 18-25 year olds remain over-represented in road trauma, despite the dramatic fall in lives lost on our roads since 1989. In 2015, 22% of those who died on our roads were young drivers; however this group represents only around 10% of Victorian licence holders.

Young lives lost

Of the 27 young drivers who lost their lives on our roads in 2015:

  • 78% were males
  • 63% died on country roads
  • 56%  were in single vehicle crashes
  • 67% were involved in crashes that occurred during high alcohol times
  • 67% of deaths occurred on 100km/h signposted roads

There is more information on parents as role models and the research used here