There's no one someone won't miss.

Towards Zero is a plan to eliminate serious injuries and lives lost on Victoria's roads.

It acknowledges that, as people, we all make mistakes but they don't have to cost us our life or our health. Human bodies are fragile, there's only so much physical force we can withstand.  This is why we need to do all we can to keep ourselves, and others, safe on our roads.

Towards Zero needs to be a collaborative effort by everyone in the community to help change road safety for the better. The safe system includes:

No one deserves to die or be seriously injured on our roads.

Living Proof

Everyone has a role to play in keeping safe on Victorian roads.  There are people all around us who have survived crashes thanks to life-saving road safety initiatives.  Here are just a handful of everyday people telling their stories, we call them our living proof. They help show us how we can achieve a future where no person dies or is seriously hurt on our roads.

Lauren | Living proof Auto Emergency Breaking (AEB) can save your life

Technology in new cars is becoming smarter.  It helps us to navigate, keeps us connected and it can save lives. Hear how Auto Emergency Breaking (AEB) was the difference between life and death for Lauren.

Discover more about the importance of AEB and other car safety features at

Tayla | Living proof wire rope barriers can save your life

Matthew | Living proof protective clothing can save your life

Wearing full protective clothing as a motorcyclist is a no-brainer. Matthew is living proof of that, listen to his story.

To find the right protective clothing for you visit

Kate | Living proof booster seats can save lives

Paul | Living proof safe speed limits can save lives

Sometimes avoiding a crash can have an effect on you as powerful as if you’d had one. Paul’s story is an emotional, but happy tale of how traveling at safe speeds can save lives.

Find out why safe speeds matter.