A lead role for business in Towards Zero

Each year, about 250 people lose their lives on Victoria’s roads. Another 5,000 people are admitted to hospital with injuries. For some of them, life will never be the same.

Significant reductions in road trauma have been achieved over the years. If we want to continue to see progress, we need to do things differently. That’s why Victoria has adopted the Towards Zero approach to road safety.

Towards Zero recognises that people will always make mistakes but the price of those mistakes should never be death or serious injury. It's about creating a safer overall system that will protect road users in the event of a mistake. This can only be achieved, when every company, every group and every person – the whole community – takes responsibility for road safety.

There is an opportunity for business to play a lead role and help create a culture in Victoria where no one views death or serious injury on our roads as inevitable.



In a short video series, four Linfox drivers talk candidly about the road as their workplace.

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